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Test Drive Your Kitchen

Once you've decided to make the excellent choice of going for an A1 Kitchen, we recommend that you come and visit our showroom in Brisbane. Not only do we have an extensive collection of product samples in different colours and styles for you to examine, but we offer a rare opportunity among other kitchen designers: the chance to walk around our very own Test Drive Kitchen.

It's common practice among car buyers to test drive a new vehicle before deciding to complete their purchase; we believe that buying a new kitchen is no different. At our Test Drive Kitchen, we have everything from refrigerators and cabinets to countertops and sinks, all fully functional and available from high-end brands like Blum and LG.

Our showroom staff can put together any number of combinations of different units and kitchen products. This way, we offer our customers a chance to create the layout for their new kitchen and walk around it before it's actually built in their own home. No other renovation company can make this kind of an offer to their customers—a fact in which we take much pride. Why settle for buying a fridge from a catalogue picture when you can come to our showroom and try it out for yourself?

This is only a single part of the total A1 service. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and contact us today!

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