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We offer a fine range of accessories for your new kitchen and other parts of your home. For example, lighting is a fabulous way to make your space stand out.

LED Lighting

Our selection of accessories include LED strip lighting, LED sensor lights and multicolour LED flashing lights. These light fixtures can be arranged whichever way you like, such as overhead and inside a display cabinet. These lights will add a certain mood to your kitchen space whichever way you choose to have them placed.

The Blum® Electro Servo Drive

One of our specialty products is the Electro Servo Drive from Blum, which allows you to electronically open and close your drawers with a single touch of the hand. It's great for anyone who has trouble with handles or who just wants a quality gadget in their home.

The Electro Servo Drive offers other fine advantages such as:

  • Reducing hygiene problems from touching handles
  • Excellent childproofing and toddler safety
  • Noise reduction for both your family and your neighbours

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