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What makes A1 Kitchens so special?

We are family owned and have been in business since 1994. We have our manufacturing premises and showroom in Brisbane and you can be assured we will be there for you before, during and long after your kitchen, laundry or wardrobe is installed.

Part of the ease of working with our family business is that you will deal with the one person from start to finish. We are able to work with you and are happy to help you create the perfect kitchen, wardrobe or laundry space for your home. It will be fresh, a quality product and affordable.

We are genuine trades people, carpenters & joiners and cabinet makers and not just sales people. We know what we sell and make the product ourselves. Our cabinetry is Australian made, mostly by us and none is imported from Asia.

All of the design and construction is done in house-we start from scratch for your order- then order materials & hardware, cut out, manufacture doors etc, coordinate the other trades and install.

We custom manufacture for Your home to Your budget. We can create a kitchen to fit your kitchen no matter what its size or shape is without resorting to ‘fill in’ boards everywhere. One of our specialities is our overhead cupboards. Ours are 100mm deeper than any others supplied standard which allows all of your extra large entertaining platters, enormous boilers or decorative bowls to fit over head.

Because we manage and create everything, and can organise everything, you don’t need to think of anything- we can do that for you. However, we are very flexible and are equally happy to supply you with a flat pack version for your installation- or some variation of involvement between.

When you talk to us, we will be able to answer your questions and explain what is available, and what is suitable for your kitchen. Because of our experience and because we are tradies, we know how it works, we normally don’t need to ‘go away and check’ on every question you have. You can have confidence that when we create a design and quote for you that it is doable.
We love drawers and have all types of drawers and cabinet styles available- but we will only supply what we can honestly guarantee. If we don’t think it will give you good value and service, we will not sell it to you.

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  • Family owned since 1994
  • We custom manufacture for your home to your budget.
  • All design and construction done in-house
  • Genuine tradespeople
  • Australian made cabinetry